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Work with a system created specifically for your business. With more than 20 years of experience in the consulting industry, we know what it takes to turn a company around for the better. If you have any questions or want to work with one of our specialists, contact us at the number provided. We are always happy to design a system to meet your individual desires.

We have information about government issued posters, forms, and websites that may provide further education and assist you and your business. Speaking with one of our advisors is sure to get you motivated to continue with our services. When you succeed, we succeed.

Meeting - Training Services

Employment Law Audits

Know exactly where your company stands. Each year, employment laws change. Most employers do not have the luxury to work with a full-time human resource professional. If you are not aware of what your duties and responsibilities are, contact us for assistance.

With our process, you find out where you have potential issues so that you are able to make an informed business decision and plan a corrective course of action. During this process, all employee files and I-9 forms are reviewed with suggestions for improvement. We even consider federal and state laws in your final report.


Our process includes a complete review of current policies, necessary revisions, and practices. This final written document allows management to give current and future employees concise guidelines and expectations for the job. These handbooks are upbeat, easy-to-read tools for employees to use time and time again.


If you have occasional HR related questions that need answers, perhaps our HR Hotline is right for you.  Any question or document reveiw that can be completed in 10 minutes or less is included; calls/e-mails are typically answered on the same business day and rarely in more than 24 hours.  This service is offered on a subscription basis and includes many customized forms.  Subscriptions available on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Recruiting Assistance

Unlike traditional headhunting firms, HRT provides ad writing and ad placement, on-line application development and review as well as interview questions and resume storage.  Candidates meeting your requirements are passed on to you for consideration.  Telephone screening is also available.

Performance Management Tools

Communicate your expectations and develop your team with our suite of performance management tools.  From a consistent message for newly hired employees to those periodic formal discussions we will design a system that is focused onTHE JOB as well as coaching and developing employees to help them achieve more.  An effective performance management system will ensure you have the people in place with the skills they need to get the job done and plan for the future.  Instead of looking backward, we see better results by looking forward!

No employees, owners, partners, or affiliates of Human Resource Techniques, INC are attorneys at law and do not claim to be. Because some HR issues are complex and may incur substantial costs, any employer faced with a legal HR issue is encourage to seek
legal counsel.

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